Is your home market ready?

Is your home market ready?

Often when I go on a listing appointment the home is not ready. Honestly, I would never expect them to be because that is part of a real estate agents job. If you want top dollar, which most people do, then all those miscellaneous touch up's and unfinished projects need to get done. The best way to look at your home when getting it ready for market is to look at like you are the buyer. Start out front with curb appeal and work your way through the front door.

I'm a big believer in staging. Sometimes my clients have beautiful items in their home but it just needs a little fine tuning or eliminating. I bring in a staging company to help finish it off. Buyers want to walk in and feel like they live there. Yes, I know they are not buying the items inside but I can say without a doubt, a well staged home can make all the difference. 

Well maintained homes help buyers overlook homes that are not updated. In today's market most buyers want updated homes due to the price of materials and lack of workers.  Best tips for showing your home is maintained are:

- Clean those light fixtures including fans

- Change your AC filters and clean the vents including any black dust around the vent

- All light blubs should be working and the same color

- Organize closets and cabinets including food cabinets. When you throw everything into drawers and closets it looks like chaos and buyers may wonder what else you are hiding

- Everyone can have a clean home. It can be a pain to have it "show ready" but if your home is priced right and ready to be shown, you shouldn't have to do it to long

- Clean doors, walls, and base boards. The Magic eraser will be your best friend

- One of my biggest tips is do not light a bunch of candles or room freshener. Some people may have a reaction to the smell or wonder what you are covering up. One scent is a large room should be enough but may times no scents are needed

If you are thinking of selling, the key is coming up with a plan with your realtor to make your home ready for market!!!


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